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We don’t have Billy (Eckstine) anymore, but we’ve got Jan...We don’t have Arthur (Prysock) but we have Jan!Carrie JacksonSingerc-Jay Productions
I find it hard to express the emotions that Jan has when he sings, he brought me to tears this past Good Friday.  Jan had a solo that wrapped it's arms around me. His voice started softlyand comforting, then rose to a warmth and emotional tone that I haven't ever experienced. It was beyond words. His tone and vocal quality and style were like nothing I'd ever had the chance to hear. So clear and it left a mark on me for the rest of my life. Diane Tiago
Jan Carden's choice of material and delivery is impeccable -- in the tradition of the great male jazz singers. Barbara KuklaFormer Editor, The Star Ledger
I was fortunate to hear Jan Carden's most recent performance at the Priory,for it was a special evening indeed!  There was a wonderful synergy between him and his accompanist. He explored a variety of styles and tempos, from poignant ballads to Latin rhythms (The Girl From Ipanema was one of my favorites).  His vocal range was amazing  and his voice had a smoky, mellow quality that made each song his own.  We were enthralled, and left wanting to hear more.  Ellen Columbus
 I had no idea that "The Girl from Ipanema" could sound so fun and sexy!  Jan takes a song and makes it totally his own, making you think you're hearing it for the first time.      Judy Hahn
The final soloist, Mr. Jan Carden, a most elegant gentleman, well known for his rich, smoky, jazz and blues vocals, and celebrated regionally and at venues from Canada to Florida, sangthe haunting spiritual "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me."   Jan Carden brought the house down. Enough cannot be said of his haunting, passionate andutterly spellbinding performance. He poured his heart and soul into the music, into the words, reaching deep into his amazing pool of talent and soaring high into the spiritual stratosphere! His timing and sense of inflection were both spontaneous and impeccable. I found myself thinking that Jan’s performance was every bit as rich as those of the great Paul Robeson.   I have witnessed Jan Carden’s performances on numerous occasions not only at church but alsowith the Orpheus Chorus, and at  the Priory, (a noted local club) and elsewhere, but Jan’s Good Fridayperformance took the congregation’s collective breath away and made us all weep, it was so extraordinarily beautiful! Thank you Jan Carden.  John ColumbusDirector/FounderThomas Edison Media Arts Consortium
I really enjoy seeing and hearing you sing at the Priory. Your vocal style reminds me of the late Johnny Hartman, who I loved to hear sing. I especially love to hear you at the Priory where the atmosphere is wonderful for that cabaret style you so wonderfully embody. I think you have a great repertoire of songs that fit both your vocal capacity and mood interpretation. The crowd at the Priory really seem to be very much "into you" when you perform there. Please invite me every time you will be performing there, I never seem to get enough of hearing you sing.Fondly,Carol Jenkins,Director, Friends of the Newark Library
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